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How to Enroll for Medicare with Your Local Medicare Help

It’s not uncommon for new beneficiaries to be unsure of when or how to enroll for Medicare. Fortunately, Medicare enrollment is easier than ever today.

The first step to Medicare eligibility is being 65 years of age or older. Take advantage of your Initial Enrollment Period window, three months before your 65th birthday to get started on your enrollment.

You may get an enrollment penalty if you sign up for Medicare after your Initial Enrollment Period.

You’ll have a variety of Medicare advantage plans, disability benefits, and drug plans to choose from. However, some beneficiaries can receive automatic enrollment, while others have to apply manually.

Use these four ways to sign up for Part A and Part B Medicare Coverage:

  1. Call Your Local Medicare Help at 877-438-9564 and ask how you can get started with your enrollment today!

  2. Contact a representative from Social Security.

  3. Fill out an online application on the website.

  4. Visit a Social Security office in person.

Keep in mind that Medicare applications generally take between 30 to 60 days for approval.

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What Documents Do I Need to Apply for Medicare

Before you begin the application process, you should collect all the necessary documents for Medicare enrollment:

  • Copy of Birth Certificate

  • Driver’s License or State I.D. Card

  • U.S. Citizenship or Legal Residency Proof

  • Social Security Card

  • W-2 Forms (if you’re still active in the workforce)

  • Military Discharge Documents (if you served in the U.S. Military before 1968)

  • Health Insurance & Coverage Information

If you are enrolled in Part A Hospital Insurance, but you are not enrolled in Part B Medical Insurance, you may need to complete these additional forms:

  • 40B Form: Allows you to apply for Medicare Part B enrollment. This form must be included in your online application or mailed direct to the Social Security office.

  • LS65 Form: If you delayed Part B because of group coverage through an employer, your employer must complete this form. This form also needs to be in your online application or mailed directly to the Social Security office.

How to Apply for Medicare Online makes applying for Medicare easy through their website.

After you have applied for Medicare online, you’ll be able to check the status of your application, request a replacement Medicare card, and/or print a benefit verification letter.

Once you applied for Medicare Part B, Your Local Medicare Help can help you decide which supplement plan covers what your Original Medicare doesn’t.

We’ll help you find the plan that is right for your specific situation.

How to Register for Medicare

If you’re not comfortable applying for Medicare online, you can do it a few other ways:

Applying for Medicare by Phone

If you’re unsure what your options are or which plan is right for you, contact Local Medicare Help. We can discuss your Medicare options by phone, video call, or in-person.

If you’re confident about your Medicare plan and simply want a representative to enroll you over the phone, you can directly call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213.

Keep in mind that enrolling in Medicare over the phone, as opposed to doing it with a reliable professional like us, may take longer.

If you’re on a time-crunch because your 65th birthday is approaching, contact our team and we’ll figure it out together as best as we can.

Applying for Medicare in Person

Applying for Medicare in person is easy if you live close to a local Social Security office! You can use the Social Security office locator to find a location near you.

Otherwise, you can contact Your Local Medicare Help for an in-person visit or virtual call.

Our team can walk you through the steps of enrolling for Medicare to ensure that you’re confident before you go out of your way to find your nearest Social Security office.

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