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High Deductible Plan G

Medicare Supplement Plan G also has a high deductible option. The High Deductible Plan G provides the same benefits as the standard Medicare Supplement Plan G but with a lower monthly premium. Like the Medicare Supplement Plan F-High Deductible, the Plan G-High Deductible comes with a high deductible, which is also $2,700 in 2023. In other words, you must have met that deductible before the plan pays 100% of its covered services for the rest of the year.


Under Medigap High Deductible Plan G, you are also responsible for your yearly Part B deductible (out-of-pocket medical cost).

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The Medigap Plan G-High Deductible Is A Better Option For Clients Who:

  • Cannot afford the Medicare Supplement Plan G’s monthly premium or are looking for a low-cost alternative

  • Are comfortable paying a higher deductible in exchange for lower monthly premiums

  • Are looking for a comprehensive coverage

  • Live in states that allow excess charges

  • Visit the doctor or hospital more often than not

  • Often travel outside the U.S.

If you cannot enroll in Medicare Supplement Plan F and High Deductible Plan F’s due to their enrollment regulations but have guaranteed issue rights, you can use these rights to enroll in Medicare Supplement Plan G or its high deductible option.

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Top 5 Medicare Mistakes to Avoid

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