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Medicare Supplement Plans In Michigan

Also Known as Medigap Insurance

A Medicare Supplement insurance plan is designed to “fill the gaps” of Original Medicare. Original Medicare contrary to popular belief is NOT free and certainly does NOT cover everything. It has monthly premiums, deductibles and Co-Insurances that if left alone can result in very large medical bills when used.

Medigap insurance policies are a secondary coverage to Medicare. This means that if Original Medicare is still your primary insurance. You will be able to go to any Medicare participating provider in the United States with no referral required. 

These Medicare Supplement plans are characterized by plan letter in most states as A-D, F, G, and K-N, ( Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts are standardized in a different way ). The fact that these plans are standardized means that each plan must offer the same basic coverage regardless what Insurance Company you go through.

In simplified terms this means that Plan G will offer the same Health coverage no matter what insurance company you buy it through. The only difference from company to company will be how much you pay monthly for this additional health coverage. This is why it is recommended that you use an unbiased Independent Agency like us to help you find the best rate available for the plan letter you choose.

Insurance Coverage Checklist | Medicare Supplement

Does it cost more to use an agent?

NO!! Using an agent to help you shop for your coverage does NOT cost you anything. In fact it could help save you lots of time, worry, and even money. 

As a Local Independent agency we have access to a special quoting tool. This software allows us to compare rates from every Medicare Supplement Insurance company available in your area.


​This tool allows us to not only compare current rates but also offers projections on what companies will have more stable rate increases down the road. 

This is not something many people think about but the fact is, that whatever Medicare Supplement Insurance plan you choose, you WILL see rate increases at some point down the road. Some companies will increase rates much more than others and this is something that needs to be factored into your decision when choosing a company. 

As an advocate for all of our clients we take this into consideration when making recommendations for our clients. The best part is with our software we can run quotes in just a matter of minutes, saving you time and money!

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