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Medicare Advantage (Part C)

 The Best Medicare Advantage Plans In Michigan

The “ALL in one Plans”

To be able to find the best zero dollar Medicare advantage plans in Michigan you must first start with understanding “WHAT” Medicare Advantage is.

Medicare Advantage is the alternative way to receive your Medicare benefits through a private insurance company. These plans “bundle” the Part A, Part B, and usually part D coverage of Original Medicare all into one. These plans may have lower out-of-pocket costs than Original Medicare.

Many of these “All in one” plans include “Extra Benefits” not covered by Original Medicare like Dental, Vision, Hearing and more. These plans are growing in popularity as many of them are offered with $0 monthly premiums. That being said, there are plans available that can have VERY high monthly premiums but that doesn’t necessarily make them better. 

Network Matters!!

It’s important to understand that these plans are network based. This means there are certain Doctors and Hospitals that are either “In-Network” or “Out-of-Network” with the plans. This is very similar to what you may have experienced previously with prior Group Coverage through an employer. Providers will often use phrases like, ” Oh yes, we take that plan “… meaning they are “In the network” or, “Oh, no we don’t take that plan” , meaning they are “out of network”. If you unknowingly enroll in a plan your provider does not participate with then you may have to pay a much higher cost to continue seeing them. Worse yet you may no longer be able to see them and could end up needing to seek care elsewhere. We have witnessed this happen many times to people that try and navigate their transition to Medicare without expert advice. 

What about Prescription Medication? Are my Meds covered?

As was mentioned above, many of these Part C Plans include drug coverage. Now just because a plan has coverage for prescriptions does NOT mean that it will necessarily cover YOURS!! The best zero dollar Medicare advantage plan for your neighbor MAY NOT be the best option for you. Making sure that not only your medications are covered at the lowest cost possible but ALSO that your pharmacy of choice is IN the plans network is vital to your satisfaction with the plan in Michigan and beyond. We have a computer software that allows us to check the medications for our clients and find the plan that is most optimal for their situation, saving them time, money and headache.

Insurance Coverage Checklist | Medicare Advantage

How can these plans really be $0 dollars per month??

Medicare Advantage is NOT a Medicare Supplement. When someone enrolls in a plan Medicare is no longer responsible for paying your healthcare. 

The private insurance company who administers your plan now takes over that responsibility and financial risk. Medicare, thats right, the federal government then begins to pay the Private Insurance company every month.

So whether you choose a $0 dollar plan or one that charges a $350/mo premium, the insurance company is still getting paid from Medicare while you are enrolled in the plan. 

To find out more about how we can help you understand the options that work best for you CLICK HERE

As you can see the Best Zero Dollar Medicare Advantage plan in Michigan is the one that works best for your own unique situation. There really is not a universal “BEST PLAN”or “BEST COMPANY”. Squares pegs do not fit in round holes and the same it true for you. 

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